Sunset Vibes by The Blue Versions released April 5!

No Deal Remix is out

First official release by Z.M.A is out!

8 week Songwriting Course

I am super excited to announce that I am teaching an 8-week songwriting course at The Santa Monica Music Center! Every week we will deconstruct and analyze the techniques used in creating a well known classic song (new and old)!

Students will then be prompted to create an original song idea and present it in class the following week! Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned writer, this course will inspire and engage you in pushing the boundaries and excelling at your craft! 

CLICK HERE to sign up and/or get more information! 


I am overjoyed to have this opportunity to use my voice for a cause that indeed strikes a personal chord. The Ukranian refugees today are going through a horrific experience that leaves, for those who make it, a lifelong trauma. 

I was a child when everything came crumbling down in my native Yugoslavia, a country that isn't on the maps anymore.I, a Bosnian child was given a second chance at life in Sweden. 

It's a privilege to be there for the Ukranian refugees alongside several of my childhood heroes, Krayzie Bone, Damon Elliot Nomad and the iconic Dionne Warwick! 

Tickets here: World Needs Now  



Vote for our nomination in the 64th Annual Grammy Awards

HUMAN WASTELAND with Angelized!  

I am so proud to announce the first single from our up & coming album! 

The single Human Wasteland in collaboration with Angelized was released June 26th! 

Stream it on all platforms now! 











Dear family, 


For the last 8 weeks, I have been releasing new lyric videos every Friday! if you are reading this post and you haven't taken notice, you are missing out! Please go to my Youtube Channel and say hi! 


Don't forget to say hi and let me know if any of the videos move you in particular. Hugs,




Zana's YouTube



New album Detour out April 24 FREE!  



I've decided to release my new album Detour FREE on all platforms! In this crazy time when many people are struggling with this complete and sudden change of our individual as well as our collective realities, I feel that the least I can do is give my music away for free. 

I sincerely hope these 14 songs will inspire you, make you laugh, cry and access emotions that will help you through this time! 

3 out of the 14 songs on the album are by performed by my alter ego punk/rock/soul band The Midnight Mission. 

Also look out for the new music video for the song Irrefutable, featuring Eldorado Blast from Long Island, NY! 


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L.A. Minute single and official music video releases this Friday!  

Be sure to check out the video on youtube and find me on any and all music platforms! 

The  cover was designed by the Los Angeles visual artist Robert Clemmons from a photograph shot by the Pittsburgh photographer Mandela . Song produced by Appu Krishnan & Jorge lanzas. Video directed and shot by Rish Espy Song inspired by an amazing script written by Daniel Ross Adams!!!!! Video sponsored by the brand Big Tim Los Angeles with certain items designed by DM Collections!!!! And big thanks to The Bossmann Magazine and all the amazing models, dancers and actors in the video as well as JLC Imagery & @wdynamite1 for additional footage and @mainflow for all the drone work!!!! Thank you everyone!!! 

The Midnight Mission Live Review by Music Connection!  

Some of the highlights from the latest issue of Music Connection: 

(the journalist Miguel Costa came out to our show at Factory West Studios)

"Over the years, Zana Messia has developed a penchant for writing soulful music that incorporates music from different countries."

"One of the band's most eclect live compositions is an unreleased love song called Enuff." 

"The Midnight Mission will be releasing this new music as a part of a collection that Messia co-created with her Grammy-nominated producer, Billy Mohler. "


Read more here: Music Connection review of The Midnight Mission live concert


Zana Messia tour dates

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